Happy Monday everyone!

So, the sun has started to make an appearance that little bit more frequently the past week or so and the temperature is just about warm enough for everyone to dust off their shorts after the cold months. Its likely your legs haven’t seen sunshine in a while and looking a little pale after their winter break, so its seemed relevant to make our top tip for last week about how to achieve the perfect tan so that you can all pull those shorts, dresses or skirts out the bottom of the wardrobe.



Something which we think is important to mention for those who aren’t too sure about tanning is that fake tan doesn’t always make you orange! Please note that a good fake tan which is the correct percentage for your skin tone will give a natural even look. The orange glow only occurs if the incorrect tan is used for your natural skin color. If you need any support on this or have any questions, our beauticians are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Fake tan has been around for years and there are now stacks of options for bronzing our pins – from quick tanning towels and lotions you use at home to having a spray tan in a salon like Petite Beautique. Whichever method you decide to go for, it’s important to, as mentioned above, select the correct product for your skin type and also to the apply correctly! Even the most expensive fake tan will end up looking poor if the application process is more along the lines of ‘slap it on and go’ so it’s essential to take your time and apply it carefully for optimum results.

The day before you plan on having a tan, shave your legs and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dry, rough patches of skin are a major no-no as the fake tan will cling to the surface of the skin resulting in unsightly orange patches. Use moisturiser. Apply cream to your exfoliated skin and let it dry completely.  We do not advise that any perfumes or creams are applied to the skin the day of tanning as this can cause a reaction with the tan making it turn green.

When applying the tan, if done from home use Vaseline on your nails, hairline and any rough patches to avoid staining and keep the colour even. A salon will provide a barrier cream for some of these areas.

Take your time! The best way to achieve a natural looking tan is to rub the lotion in gently and attempt each limb one at a time, only moving onto the next section when you’re satisfied that the skin is evenly covered.

To avoid streaky clothes and skin, wait around 5-10 minutes before putting your clothes back on, likewise avoid any strenuous activity immediately after application! Spray tans done in a salon can take up to 4 hours to dry properly so baggy loose clothing is advisable after application.

Happy bronzing 🙂