Happy Friday everyone,

We hope you have had a successful week. It has been another busy one at the Petite Beautique salon so thank you to all our customers that have visited!

Ok, so this week we are jumping back to some top hair tips and this time it is some advice on how to select the prefect hair style to suit you!

There are so many fabulous hair styles these days but unfortunately not everyone suits every style.  Everyday we see so many hair do’s which we all wish we could get away with and when we try it, it just doesn’t have the same effect. We need to make the most of what we have and suits our personality and facial structure.

Below we have a few quick tips for various hair types. We hope some of these are useful to you but if you are unsure just contact our professional stylist Charlotte Rimmer and she will be able to help and give you the right advice!



If it’s a new fresh look you want this summer without having ‘the chop’ try changing your fringe! Wispy fringes are flattering to most face shapes. If you usually wear a fringe try taking it back or wearing your parting on a different side. You’ll be amazed how much this can change your look.

Is your hair too thick and currently feels like no matter what you do it will never be tamed? Get your stylist to feather or razor cut, it will add texture and shape without drastic changes to length or style…….

Or are you somebody with Rapunzel hair, hair that goes on forever and straight? This type of hair will benefit from using a paddle brush during blow-drying. Use the concentrator nozzle fairly close to the brush and finish with a gloss spray to boost shine. Maybe also try and add in some layers for some edge.  You don’t need to loose the length when having layers put in to you luxurious long locks. Layers give movement and interest to any style. Long hair looks stunning with a few subtle layers, adding height, and can help limp hair look more voluminous.

Are you the creative type who likes volume, to experiment and mix up your styles? If so, do you find yourself using tins of products to achieve the look? Remember, most things benefit from a rest from time to time and this includes your hair. Take a bit of time out and try using one of the de-tox products to remove product build-up, follow with a good, conditioner and just enjoy that ‘natural-look’ for a while. Why not add the natural look in to your hair style mix :).

Mousy hair? Why not liven it up a little with a few highlights?  Go for lots of very fine highlights for the most subtle look and for the choice of color ask your stylists for advice. The overall color will depend on several factors including original colors & condition of your hair. Your stylist will have a good idea of what’s best for you.


As previously mentioned, our hair specialist Charlotte is always happy to help, so if you do have any questions, email or contact the salon either via the Facebook page or give us a ring.

Remember that every Wednesday we offer 20% OFF all hair treatments so don’t miss out.


Have fabulous weekend!