Happy Friday!

We hope you have all had a super week and are ready for the long weekend!

If you are off somewhere nice this bank holiday, here is another great tip for you to try. This weeks tip is how to achieve a bold brow.

For those of you who remember the 90’s, the trend was to pluck and pluck until you could pluck no more. In 2016, the trend on every catwalk is the complete opposite. The bigger the brow the better, however, there is a reason for this. The less you pluck and the more natural in size and shape you keep them, chances are they’ll frame your face better. Eye brows can also take years off your face and make you look fresh. Now, we aren’t saying let you eye brows go wild and out of control, the element of tidiness is still required which a great beautician can support you with. We know that for some of you growing your brows just isn’t that easy but there are always other options such as microblading which is a treatment we provide at Petite Beautique. More information can be found under the beauty section of the website or contact the salon to speak with one of the team.


Bold Brows:

Tame– Firstly, have a beautician shape, wax and tint if necessary.  Before applying makeup,  brush your eyebrow.

Frame-  Once the shape of your brow is set, you’ll want to add definition by drawing the shape of your full brow on. If you have thin brows or the hairs closest to your inner eye are sparse, this step is important. Draw an upward line directly above the inner corner of your eye (at the edge of your brow) and then frame the rest of your brow. Choose a brow pencil that is a shade or two darker than your natural brow .

Fill- Continuing with your eyebrow pencil, or with a brow powder begin filling in your brow with short hair-like strokes. This will keep your brow looking natural and create the body necessary for a full and strong finished brow. Make sure to fill in an areas that still appear thin, then take your brush and again draw it through the hairs to even out product application and get rid of any visibly harsh lines.

Seal- Now that you’ve filled your brow and created a look you want to last all day, the final step is to seal it. Using a setting wax or brow gel, brush over your brow to define the shape and to leave you with a stunning finish.

If you have any questions please contact one of our beauticians for support.

Have a great weekend!