Happy Friday everyone,

Just a quick top tip for you this week and hopefully one which you can try this weekend if you have any nice plans.

We have all been there when you do your makeup and it looks perfect when leaving the house but then after a few hours it starts to feel a little worn  and all you want to do is wipe it off and start all over again! Well here is a top tip to hopefully help one aspect of your makeup last that little bit longer and allow you to maintain that fresh professional glow for hours on end.



At Petite Beautique we always strongly recommend that before applying any makeup, a primer is applied to hold your base for a longer period of time. This is a similar concept for your eye shadow although you don’t necessarily have to purchase a primer.  If you already own a concealer, apply a small amount of on to your eye lids to cover the area which you will be applying your eye shadow to. We recommend that the concealer covers up to your eyebrows but this is dependent and how far up you wear your eye shadow in the first place. You do not need a large amount, just enough to cover that particular area. Applying a layer such as concealer, helps eye shadows go on smoothly and cover any redness, giving your entire face an even and smooth appearance and giving your shadow a better grip to hold on to for longer through the day. It’s that easy. Why not give it a go!

If you would like any further makeup tips or advice, please feel free to call the salon to speak to one of our experienced technicians.


Have a great weekend!