Happy Friday Beautique Beauties,

So this week we are offering our support to help you all overcome the challenge of getting the liner look whether that be with a pencil, liquid or even gel.

Get the liner look:

Applying eye liner requires practice, practice and more practice.  Liner is seen as an essential part of a made up face especially on the red carpet. It adds definition to your eye, makes your lashes appear thicker and eyes look larger if  the correct method is used for eyes which appear small and closed.

There are so many different looks and effects produced by this one particular makeup item and we all know how frustrating it can be when you cant do a simple line without it being wonky :).

In our opinion there are 2 looks which are most common and which are achieved through liner application: the ‘Feline Smoke’ and the ‘Underline.’

The ‘Feline Smoke’ we tend to apply when going for a darker look on the eye. Apply the eye liner after the eye shadow along the upper lashes and then blend it outwards into a winged shape with a stubby, round brush to extend the eye and make them appear bigger. Once the top line has been applied, do the same with the lower lash line.

For eyes which appear smaller and more closed, we would suggest using the ‘Underline’ method. Using more eyeliner on the bottom lid and keeping the top clear is a super way to add dimension and open up your eye. Run a pencil along the bottom lid and then smudge the line out again with a brush to soften the pencil. To make those whites of your eyes pop even more, finally add a little eyeliner to the inner rims of the bottom lid.

Both of these methods teamed with a smokey eye look phenomenal. To achieve the perfect smokey eye take a look back at our New and Promotions page as this has previously been a TOP TIP of ours :).

Remember practice makes perfect and you are bound to make yourself look like you have a couple of black eyes to begin with :). Keep trying!

Have a great weekend!