Petite Soleil’s very own instant tanning mist.

A 12% ‘tan in a can’ thats easy to apply and gives a natural look. It’s like giving yourself a mini spray tan at home. Whether you are trying to apply front ways, back ways, upside down, unlike a water bottle tan, the aerosol tanning mist continues to come out whichever way you hold the bottle.

‘Sunburst’ Gives an instant glow, a BURST of tan, but also continues to develop over 3-5 hours so tanning the day before is always recommended similar to a spray tan. Each 200ml bottle last approximately 3-4 full body tans.

Directions of use can be found on the back of the product but here are a few key pointers to remember when using any tanning products especially a spray; when your body gets wet after tanning, make sure you pat dry with a towel rather than scrub as scrubbing will scrape your tan off. Moisturising after tanning gives a fresh glow on your body and also prolongs your tan. Also when using a spray, apply at a slight distance and remember to lift the can when applying on your hands and feet to ensure these are lighter and making the tan look more natural. any areas which need blending, use a tanning mitt.